About Me

Born & Raised in Detroit, Mi. I found beauty in all things around me, I was able to transition the beauty that met my eyes into words on a page. I started writing poetry and short stories at a young age. I obtained my Bachelors Degree from Eastern Michigan University, with my BS in Journalism, It was easy. I turned my hobby into a degree. While writing is my first love, I have also dabbled into the radio scene, working on Shade 45 as a radio Personality, while it was fun and very interesting. I still felt that my words spoke louder through my writing. 

I created this blog to express myself, my thoughts, my interest, my opinions, and whatever else I wanna get off my chest. Here you will find life, style, entertainment, advice, and conversation. I am very blunt honey, and I write it like I tell it,.... THE TRUTH.

I hope that you enjoy, thanks for stopping

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