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20 something.......

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

So you're 20 something, and asking yourself, NOW WHAT? What's next? Am I successful? Have I wasted all my life? Where did the time go? (and my favorite) OMG, I'm almost 30. You are not alone, I have learned that the '20s are the years of confusion,

because we are too young to complain and old enough to get shit done.

I'm almost 25, I spent most of my life trying to finish school. I graduated from college right before I turned 23, and guess what I'm still trying to figure it out. First of all where the hell did time go? Second of all who the hell told me that by 25 I would be married, with children, the career of my choice, etc, etc? because for some reason that's where I thought I'd be. I'm not married, no children, a great job, but not my number one choice.

"I feel like I should be" is the start of our issues, because we are always feeling like something should be different.

I feel like I should be more successful, happier, etc, etc. But of course along this journey of discovery I have learned some things. The most important thing is practicing gratitude. Being grateful for the things I have, being alive, and being able to be 24, etc.

So basically it's all a setup, we are somehow made to believe that we should have everything all figured out. Now if you do, MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!!!!!! However these '20s will pressure the shit out of you, but in reality, all we can do is just take control, do what you can, and attempt the things you feel you can't.

The '20s are about mistakes, breakups, new relationships, pain, healing, meeting new people, being selfish, figuring out what's right for you, finding your passions, expanding your interest, learning, setting goals, achieving goals, changing your mind numerous of times, and sometimes saying Fuck it, or fuck you.

So If you are in your 20's and confused, lost, just going through the motions, you are not alone. Every day I'm trying to figure out how to make my life, my time, my day valuable, useful, successful. Just stay positive and keep trying, and pushing yourself, but remember it's okay to make mistakes too.

We're young, and this is just the beginning.


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