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2020 Reset: (5 ways to reset after the New Year)

Every year when the year winds down, we tend to make plenty of new year resolutions, most of which we break not long after making. Sometimes we expect ourselves to change overnight,  without putting actual effort toward betterment, or we sometimes just put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. However, the New Year is a fresh start, a clean slate, and a time to reset, reorganize, revitalize, and Renew self. The New Year is about rebirth of ourselves, letting go of what's old, and which didn't work, then inviting and embraces what's new.

Here are 5 ways to reprioritize, and renew yourself, after stepping into the new year.

1.Declutter your life

It's so important to get rid of "stuff" and not just old clothes, shoes, appliances etc. but also mental and emotional clutter as well. Taking the time to reprioritize your priorities is the first step to this. Ask yourself:  what's important to me? What gives me fulfillment? What holds me back? What do I need? After answering these questions you should have a lead on where to start with decluttering your life. Maybe your a hoarder, finding meaning in every single little thing and now you home is overwhelming. Maybe you've made too many commitments which doesn't serve you as well as it may do others. Maybe your friendships are more draining then fulfilling, etc etc,..... Therefore decluttering your life is essential to self renewal.

2. Commit to the things you really want

Commitment is a prerequisite for successful, it is what ultimately gets us what we want, and where we want in life. So it is very important to be committed to ourselves, being number 1 on your list of priority people. We can't commit to anything nor anyone else, if we can't be committed to ourselves, our health, our ideas, our goals, etc. In this process its very important to take heed of what you value in your life, without considering anyone but yourself. I'm not saying be a selfish, arrogant person, however I'm saying make you happy first.

3.Give your mental health more attention

Our mental health is just as important as physical health, even though when we are physically hurting, we have physical signs. However when it comes to mental health there are signs but less noticeable & happen more gradually, we have to pay attention to ourselves. Ignoring or not understanding your mental health issues, impact the quality of life, ourselves and the things around us will suffer. Apart of self love and self care, is self awareness, allowing moments of introspection is essential to being one with yourself and ultimately knowing yourself and giving all of you the attention you need.

4. Don't be busy, be purposeful

We live in a society where we commemorate being "Busy" Everybodys busy because they are constantly doing something, but what are these somethings doing for you.Sometimes we are doing things to fill up some time, avoid something, or whatever the case may be, but what are you really doing. Finding your purpose is so important, it gives more reason to be happy, to feel fulfilled in life. Being busy Is frenetic, and being purposeful is to have orientation, guidances, and objective, and at the end of the day that's what we should all want.

5.Idenitify self constructed barriers

Life definitely has a way of humbling us, throwing sticks and stones in an attempt to break our spirits and bones, but besides life what internal barriers are you breaking your own spirit with. Are you limiting yourself in anyway? Do you think about your fears more than your goals? Identifying your roadblocks will allow you to know what you have to face. sometimes we are our own enemy and competition, because only we can get in the way of what we want, only we can hold ourselves back. It's time to face the barriers we put on ourselves and let go of self sabotaging, so that we can actually live life without the restrictions we have created for ourselves.

As the years go past, we are who we are, same people, same fears, challenges, friends, toxicity, etc. However Life won't change unless we do. Unless we let go of fear, pain, judgment, negative ways and people. It's only then where we can actually be renewed, reset, and revitalized.

-Kativa Nashay

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