• Kativa Nashay

ACTION Equals Reaction

Have you ever sat and thought about all the things you wanted in life? Then, as soon as the thought passes, you continued to do nothing about it? There are two types of people In this world, those who don't know what they want, and do nothing. Then there are those who do know what they want, and still do nothing. I once read a quote that said "The Universe rewards action NOT thoughts" and it blew my mind, because how many of us THINK THINK THINK, and never DO DO DO sh*t?

An Idea without action, is simply just that...... An Idea. Taking action is a critical part of life, no matter what type of action or results you want. You just gotta work towards it. Here are 5 reasons why taking action in your life is critical.

1. Stops your complaining

If you happen to be one of those people who complains about your current state, (Job, relationship, home, life, etc.) because you would rather have change. How can you make those changes without taking action, without gathering the courage to quit your job to take that leap of faith, without leaving that broken relationship, moving across the country for a new start. You will never be able to stop complaining if you never put forth effort to put action behind the things you want. You can't complain about the things you're taking action towards.

2. Produces Results/Figure out what‘s for you

Taking action causes you to start the process of figuring out what you want, and If you’re willing to do all it takes to get there. Taking action towards the things you want, will produce the results you want and need. Nothing is better than seeing progress, that is leading up to success.

3. Implements learned information

Typically, when we are interested in something we research it and gain lots of information about it. However, knowledge obtained and not used, is a waste of knowledge, taking action causes you to utilize all the knowledge you have gained.

4. Overcomes Fear/Improves Confidence

Sometimes we can get stuck in our comfort zones, and fear making any changes, because of the possibility of the changes being negative, but what if they are positive. You have to take action in order to find out, and once you do, you will see that it wasn't as scary as it seemed after all. Which will improve your confidence, which will improve your habits, allowing you to make great progress.

5. Accomplish Goals:

How can goals be accomplished, If you never take action? Accomplishing your goals are the ultimate reason for taking action towards them. This is the outcome of all the things listed above. Once you stop complaining, Figure out what you want, produce some results, implement the things you've learned, overcome your fears, become confident in yourself, take that ACTION, you will then accomplish your dreams and goals.

Final Thoughts

We have to learn to say Now, instead of later. We have to learn to act on our thoughts, we have to learn to cease the idea of stopping ourselves before we start.

Action equals whatever you want in life, if only you want it enough to equal success.


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