• Kativa Nashay


Updated: Nov 6, 2019

What does it mean to be Blunt ?

Being blunt seems to have a positive and negative connotation, but I like to think of it as speaking the truth, saying how you feel, and just speaking your mind. Now I know they say somethings are better kept to ourselves, that is true, but if you ask me for honesty. Then guess what, that's what you're gonna get. When it comes to telling my opinions, my feelings, and thoughts about something, its gonna be "straight up" meaning as real as I can tell it.

Now blunt doesn't have to be harsh, but instead upfront and honest.

To be honest I feel like everyone needs some Blunt ass people around them. Here are 5 reasons why having blunt people in your circle works out for the best.

1. Expect a pure relationship

when you are friends with or even dating someone who is a blunt person, their intentions will be clear. You don't have to wonder or guess how they feel about you, or think about you because they will for sure let you know. Which results in a very open, transparent, pure relationship.

2. Keep you from getting hurt

When you have a blunt friend they will sometimes see things you don't see or even things you do see, but they will speak to those things, to open your eyes to the truths you may be suppressing, or avoiding. They will speak truthfully, and sometimes too honest. Ever been in a relationship and your friend says "He's cheating on you, you need to leave him. Are you dumb?" while that may seem a little harsh, but that just a blunts person to attempt to protect their friend, by stating the obvious

3. They will tell it like it is

Having a blunt friend means having the truth nearby, You have to appreciate someone saying No in the midst of a lot of others saying yes and agreeing. A blunt friend will be quick to call out others who are not keeping it real with you, when they don't agree.

4. They say the things your thinking

Now If you're not a blunt person aloud, we all think things, and we all think very bluntly, but a blunt person is gonna say that very thing aloud, and make you go "OMG I wasn't even gonna say it" Which also makes a blunt person fun to be around, and also allows you to connect with them. Knowing someone thinks similar to you brings you closer.

"Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I've said" -unknown

5. They help you become successful

Blunt people have feelings of course, but what they don't feel is that them telling you the honest truth about yourself and the things you need to do, will cause any issues in the relationship. Instead, they feel as if it's their duty as a friend or partner. Those ones who question what the hell you're doing with your life, and telling you why you should be doing better, etc.

Now the perception of blunt people can sometimes be a little off, they are not mean, negative, hating, harsh people. Instead they are super overly honest people. They are the ones you want to make friends with or even date. Because they will always keep it Blunt.


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