• Kativa Nashay

Cut Off Season (5 Reasons why it's Okay to cut someone off)

We all know that when the seasons change, and it starts to cool down, everyones yelling "Its cuffin season" and everybody's trying to be "Boo'd up" when the days are colder and shorter, and nights are colder and longer. However there's another season right before cuffing season (In my world) which is called Cut off Season, where we leave behind those who are not benefiting us in any way whatsoever, and possibility even are detriment to our lives. Its time to leave their behinds, behind. The new year is approaching, and there's no better time then now to make some cuts.

Here are 5 reasons why its okay to cut someone or a lot of someones off.

1.If they are preventing personal growth:

Now we should never allow someone to prevent us from doing well by ourselves at no point, however sometimes we do let others get the best of us. They can be preventing your growth in many ways, maybe because they aren't allowing you to focus, aren't allowing you to practice self-care, are countering your healing. Whatever the case may be, however we have to grow every single day of our lives, and no one should be in the way of that.

2.They always bring negative energy:

Energy is very contagious, the more you are around negativity, the more you are opening the door to letting it into your life. You have to be cautious of the energies you allow into your world, because that energy will creep up on you, and eventually become your own.

3.Lack of trust:

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and no one should have to walk on eggshells around anyone. If trust is lost to the point of no return, then the realationship will never really be back in a good place. Which allows stress and worry, and nobody has time for that, that produces point number 1 (Prevents personal growth)

4.They aren't reliable, but always In need of you:

Nobody deserves a person who always needs them, and that very same person is never to be found when you need them back. People like this are simply "Users" people who just use you because they know they can, people who take advantage of you, and your kindness. We shouldn't be pouring into an empty cup, because you know, you only got so much to give, before you empty your own.

5.Different values and morals:

People who don't share the same or similar values or morals can be either a great balance or a negative combination. If the relationship has a lot of comparing, talking down, and disrespect then its probably more of a negative combination and isn't going to end anywhere good. We have all either had a friend or know someone who had a friend who fell out often, and disagreed about things because of their different views on important things, which didn't end well.

final say-so

Like the say "You win some, You lose some" and honestly its just that simple. Some people aren't meant to come into your life and stay, in fact they are just passing through. We can't hold onto anything or anyone that isn't for us, that doesn't serve us well, or that just doesn't make us happy. It's nothing to cut someone else off who isn't right for you, because at the end of the day whose more important YOU or THEM? Your happiness or theirs?


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