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Do You Like YOU? (5 Ways to become more confident)

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Being confident can be hard sometimes, for some people (some people being me). I happen to be a very self-critical person, I am always focused on what could be better, instead of just giving myself credit for being a great a*s person. Can you truly say you really like yourself, without doubting anything about you, or do you like yourself enough? However you constantly dwell on your flaws, critique yourself, your abilities, your personality, your interactions etc. Sometimes it seems that we know what we are, but we spend so much time worrying about what we are not, but lets work on it. Here I have a clear concise list of 5 ways to become more confident, lets get into it.

1. Practice self-care

Being confident in yourself involves LOVING yourself, taking care of yourself, standing up for yourself, healing, saying no, pampering yourself etc. self care involves the act of filling yourself up, pouring into YOU, making YOU happy. Part of my self care routine is getting my hair and nails done, meditation, and listening to Les Brown (Check him out), and honey when I do those things, nobody can tell me nothing, confidence exudes out of me. You have to remember to give yourself some time to be you, discovery through self-care will cause confidence to follow through.

2. Affirm yourself/Eliminate negative self talk/thinking

The way we talk to ourselves is SOOOOOO Freaking important, we have to eliminate telling ourselves or thinking to ourselves, we aren't good enough, we can't do something, or even small things we throw around throughout our day, one of my daily negative thoughts is "I'm stressed" which I never really am, maybe fustrated for the moment. However for as long as you tell yourself those things, you will continue or begin to produce those things. Our lives are a movie, our thoughts are the scripts, and we are the producers. We have to learn to talk positivity Into our worlds. Affrimations everyday will help you believe in you a lot more, here are a few I like to practice.

I am important. I attract success. I will be successful. Today is going to be productive. I am grateful. My life is blessed. God covers me. I am going to make it though whatever life throws my way. I am full of energy. I am not tired. I am happy.

3. Lower expectations of yourself

Why do we expect so much from ourselves? Maybe we are too busy comparing our lives to others, maybe we feel like we are "SUPPOSED" to be somewhere different for whatever reason. I honestly I don't know why our expectations for ourselves are so high but I do know that learning to have smaller, obtainable goals and expectations will contribute to becoming more confident. If your expectations are too large and you can't seem to make the cut, then each failure will make you feel less and less confident. Its okay to dream big, but lets break down the ultimate goal, and take it step by step and build our confidence on the way.

4. Do something that makes you uncomfortable

Discomfort is growth, growing pains equal something bigger and better than before. Now with this it takes a lot of faith, you have to trust the process. You have to trust YOU and your potential. I used to hate public speaking, (I actually kinda still do) however I used to be soooo nervous to do presentations, I would walk up front, thinking my negative thoughts, thinking maybe my wigs crooked, maybe I'll blink too much, maybe they can see how scared I am. Then I'd start, and by the end of the presentation I see everyone paying attention and engaged, and realize it wasn't so scary after all. That discomfort, made public speaking a little less scary, every time I tried it.

5. Stop denying & own your Sh*t

It's yours, and you have to own your sh*t, you have to own being who you are. You have to accept yourself, or nobody else can. self- acceptance equals a peace of mind, because YOU know who YOU are and you are fine with it. Stop denying yourself, stop denying your strengths, your creativity, your love etc. You have it and you have to own it, to release it, and to give YOU, your all.

Confidence means accepting yourself for who you are, not what you could or should be. Not what you would be with or without something. Confidence is a powerful feeling, and a power that we all possess. Finding your confidence will allow you to experience everything life has to offer, all levels of love, happiness, wealth, and success, and once you find it, you will become unstoppable, and the gain will become immeasurable.

We get to choose what and what not to accept, I choose to be full.... full of confidence, full of happiness, and full of wealth, and full of myself. What do YOU choose?

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