• Kativa Nashay

Everybody Can Eat (5 Reasons Why collaborating is beneficial)

For some reason some people look at life as a game of dog eats dog, meaning no support, because nobody wants to see the next person doing better than them. So they don't support you, in fact they hate on you, they talk down on you, and anything else to dim your light, just to brighten theirs.

I'm Fed up, Im fed up because some of us believe, the prerequisite for success is to dim a person's light." -Koryn, Owner of fashion brand, EVRYBDYEATS

However, I want to change the narrative that only one of us can be great at a period in time, because that's not true, in fact its absolutely possible to SHARE the light through collaborating!!! Yes, working on something together. I have created a list of reasons why collaborating can be very beneficial to all parties. Lets get into this.

1.Competing causes Division:

When we compete against each other, we are dividing the population and dividing the support. Now what if we can get together and bring all crowds together. There has literally been so many events I've had to pass up on because two people are having similar events on the same day. When all they had to do was to collaborate on the event and have a better and bigger outcome.

2. Collaborating helps Building Relationships:

Building relationships with other people/brands is very important, because with building relationships comes building trust, and building ongoing support. Building relationships nowadays are very important and not so hard because of today's social platforms you don't even need to be face to face. You can build relationships right over the internet in the comfort of wherever. When you build relationships with people/brands they are more likely to want to work with you, and continue to want to work with you.

3. Collaborating helps Expanding your audience and opportunities:

Collaborating with other people/brand expands your audience, (What's better than 1 audience? 2 audiences) When collaborating with someone both parties are sharing the spotlight, and gifting each other with another audience that already exist. Thus expanding their brands, their name, and likeness to a group of people who many not even have known they existed. I think It was something Neyo song that said "I'm good all by myself, but I'm a force when we're together.

4. Reinforce accountability:

It's always good to learn things and grow as an individual, sometimes it can be very difficult to hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes, lack of effort, procrastination or whatever else it may be. However when collaborating you know that the lack of participation and efforts don't only fall on you, but instead others as well and because of that you'd be forced to be a better version of yourself to get the best results, thus pushing yourself to your full potential & building a reliable relationship with your collaborator.

5.Room for growth through learning

Nobody knows everything, (even though some may pretend to) however we don't. I have had an internship, which made me feel every small because I had a college degree, I had more background with the subject than any other of my peers. However once I stopped worrying about what I already came into the situation, it was then where I was able to see how much I was learning from it, and the things I learned then, have prepared me for things I'm doing now, that degree could never. When collaborating with others your learning a new way to do things, expanding the way you think, the way you handle things, etc.

Final Say So...

Collaborating is a win-win situation, everyone gains something, including audiences/clients. Now I know that there are a lot of lanes, and a lot of our peers are going to share our lanes, and we just have to accept it, and know that it's OKAY. We can still support like minded people, we can still show love, we can work together, It's absolutely NORMAL. There is enough space, money, supporters, opportunities, etc. in the world for us all. EVERYBODY CAN EAT.

Let's work Together, reach out to someone you'd like to work with, someone who inspires you, etc. and see how it goes. Let's Eat Together.


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