• Kativa Nashay

FUBU (Reasons why I embrace the skin Im In)

I love solonges album "A seat at the table'' (definitely a classic in my opinion) . It was full of self-love, black love, black excellence, black pain, and most importantly black healing. There was one song that stood out the most "FUBU" which stands for, For Us By Us. Which means a lot to me, It signifies that somethings are just for us (black people), and no matter what it can't be taken away from us, such as our deeply rooted pigment, we shine, and we shine so well. I mean literally the sun itself loves, and embraces us. I love being black, I love buying black, seeing black, I love my black culture. Most importantly I love my black, brown, melanin, sun kissed, BEAUTIFUL skin. I love being a woman, A black woman. I love My kinky curly hair, my full lips, my body shape and hips, I love every feature, head to toe. While we may be the most disrespected, and least protected, sis we are the sh*t. It all starts from within, it begins with confidence.

Here are some reasons why embracing our beautiful black skin is a must........

Black is beautiful: Our black is beautiful, we come in so many shades, sizes, personalities, talents, etc. we are all unique. We are created with so much love, and power. We must embrace it, after all we see plenty of other races trying to imitate what we are born with, (#FUBU) It can be imitated but never duplicated. We have to embrace our differences, WE ARE UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL AS F*CK!!

Black is A Culture: With our tanned skin comes a culture, contrived by unique experiences, that we are able to share and deem relatable. We have turned our pain and suffering into an experience,... into an expedition. We share insight, we are a community built off of, "You had to go through it, to understand it" and If it wasn't you, it's passed down. We are a family, even if we've never met, culture is our parent.

Black resilience: We can't be stopped, we built a country, and still are disrespected, disregarded, and much more, but we still persevere, we still carry on, WE STILL RISE! we are undefeated. We have the odds stacked against us everyday, because of the color of our BEAUTIFUL skin, but does that immobilize us, on our journey? NEVER! We hustle!

Black made history: We come from royalty, our history are the ripped out pages of world history. If people will try so hard to misinform you of your history, imagine what that means. (Something is being buried) People who looked like us are the founders, leaders, and creators of the world we live in. We gotta embrace that the land we live on was built off the backs of those who look like us,..... who birth us. We are not just a part of history, WE ARE HISTORY. WE CREATED HISTORY!!!

Black is united: Although we could love one another more, when we need to, we can come together and stand as one. We fight together, we march together, we mourn together, and we uplift  each other. No one knows our struggle, or shares our struggle like US (of course), and that will always draw us to one another, we are bonded!

Final thoughts

It's so important to articulate our roots, It's so important to learn about where we come from, so we can have a clearer view of who we are, so we can hold ourselves to the standard of the kings and queens who came before us, therefore having a better vision of who you will become. Everything about us, is for us, and by us. We produce qualities that are FUBU, and the depth of our tone, the texture of our hair, the demeanor that we carry is a part of all that. Love the skin you are in. Embrace the way the sun compliments our tones, the way that we own versatility, we own everything we do! I love my Black, I hope you do too!

"And remember! They hate us, cause they ain't us" lol


Thanks for reading