• Kativa Nashay

Growing Pains (Exiting the not-so comfortable comfort zone)

Our whole lives we've experienced growing pains, starting with the physical aching of our bodies, stretching to grow bigger and stronger. To then becoming an adult and our minds, our feelings, our understandings and our comforts stretching. They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Do I agree? absolutely.

I am a firm believer that doing the same things, gets you the same results,.... I've lived that, I've done that. I have lived in my comfort zone so comfortably, so content, but I wasn't receiving the results I wanted, and it was because I wasn't allowing myself to receive them, because I was comfortable. I realized that comfort zones makes you feel like you have everything you need, to stop you from wanting more.

There are so many people in this world who are comfortable, and yet also miserable. That feeling of "warmth", and comfort is an illusion, that turns into wishful thinking, resentment, and misery. Our magic is often given to us in the times where we feel most insecure or uncomfortable. What is that magic?? GROWTH, growing pain, extension, acceleration towards an happier, ultimately healthier life.

A comfort zone puts you, and your life at a standstill, it stalls everything in your destiny.

It doesn't require much of you, and thats why we are "okay" there. It doesn't exercise the most important part of us..... our brain. Your comfort zone blocks out challenges, and it covers itself by making it seem like "its" whats best for you. When In reality it is what weakens you, it is deters you from your dreams and goals.

The irony in this is that your comfort zone should be the thing that scares you the most, the thing that makes you the most..... uncomfortable, your comfort zone equals complacency, and we don't want that, we want and need to be growing every single day of our lives, because we as human beings are capable of being whatever we put our minds to (choose wisely).

Ways you can step outside of your comfort zone:

  • Learn a new skill

  • Quit something that doesn't make you happy, replace it with something that does.

  • Start a new habit

  • Wake up earlier/Go to sleep earlier

  • Let go of negativity

  • Tell yourself YES or NO

  • Doing something you've always wanted to try

whatever it may be. DO IT! Because its stretches

you, it may ache for a moment but you'll grow. Life Is about GROWTH.

Final Thoughts

I challenge you to do something, something different, something new, something risky, and observe the changes it brings into your life, you, your attitude etc. "No Pain No Gain" right? We have to embrace uncomfortable situations and challenges, and allow them to help us expand.

Thank you for reading


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