• Kativa Nashay

Hey Girl, Hey

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Its' 2019, and women are the Shi*t, we're running sh*t, like literally. Women are owning businesses, foundations, taking care of families, and some of them are doing it all at the same damn time. We know that we're the shit individually, we're so confident and full of ourselves, but ladies,

We have to remember to empower one another.

Why hate on, or degrade one another when we can build up and build with each other. That sounds much easier, and much more effortless.

Ways we can do this:

Spread positivity, not gossip:

Let's find more ways to speak positivity about one another, and not "dragging" or gossiping about one another, Remember the saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all"

Share your stories:

One thing that is misunderstood is the pictures we paint, as if we are perfect, as if nothing is going wrong, and everything is all together. when in reality it's not as it may look. So we should share our stories, so we can relate to one another, and connect. Being relatable and personable is always a good way to network, find new friends or even business partners. I can count on my hands and anybody else's, how many times someone else's story has helped me out. So lets share.

Lead by example:

Be the prime example, be the one who makes the change, breaks the ice, breaks the silence. Lets break this damn glass ceiling.

Collaborate not clash:

Work together on projects, share ideas, share vibes, come up with something new. If you see someone on the same wave as yourself, reach out, inquire and work together. Just because we're in the same lane doesn't mean we should run one another off the road, like build something together, or just simply compliment them, instead of competing.

Comfort not confront:

All women once in their lifetime will go through something, that another woman can relate to, instead of confronting, bashing or degrading, comfort them, offer advice, and help uplift them. Being a woman can be tough sometimes, we endure a lot, but enduring the doings of another fellow woman should never be a thing.

So ladies, If we want better, we have to be better, we have to stick together. We are all so great and powerful on our own, so imagine if we had one another backs. untouchable.

Hey, girl, I see you, Keep being beautiful, & keep being great.


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