• Kativa Nashay

Holiday Spirit (10 Ways to Spread Joy this holiday season)

Tis the season to spread love and joy, however in the midst of that it is also the season for a little stress, and sometimes feeling overwhelmed. weather its from gift shopping, making holiday arrangements, Or whatever the case may be, It's just sometimes not fun. However we can sometimes put so much pressure on doing all these things but forget that sometimes it's the little things you do for others that make a huge impact. Here are 10 ways to spread joy to others around you during the holiday season.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering at a soup kitchen, group home, etc to help the less fortunate is always a good way to spread joy, and doing something so beautiful and selfless.

2. Leave generous tips when dining out

Next time you are having dinner out, leave your waiter/waitress a nice tip. Around the holiday season If I have a really helpful waiter I will leave 40-70 percent of my bill.

3.Give out spare change:

Keep some spare change on you, and hand It out to the homeless.

4.Donate Toys for Tots:

Children are my soft spot, so I am always wanting to do something nice for them. Buying a few toys and taking them to a toy drive will spread a lot of joy to the little ones.

5.Donate unwanted/old clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes:

It's very cold out, and being warm is vital right now, share your warmth by donating some unwanted clothing items to your local charities.

6.Visit a senior home w/ cookies, cards, and conversation

I learned from my personal experience, that senior citizens can sometimes feel very alone, especially when living in a seniors home with no loved ones around this time of year. Visiting them, spreading joy would make their holiday so much better.

7.Greet people with a smile & a "Merry Christmas"

They say "The best things in life are free" and that Is so true, It costs nothing to smile and greet people, and these small gestures go a very long way.

8.Pay the tab for someone:

Doing spontaneous gestures make a huge difference in someone's mood. Paying someone's tab could be a miracle for someone else. Next time you're in line, pay the tab of the person in front or behind you.

9. Give an unexpected gift:

Acts of generosity unexpected are always a nice gesture to spread joy to someone who doesn't see it coming. Those are the moments that people never forget.

10.Adopt a family:

Visit a social service organization and inquire about their adopt a family program. Where you can supply holiday joy through gifts, dinner etc to a family in need.

There are plenty of ways to spread joy and love during the holiday season, because at the end of the day, that's what this season represents, love, joy, gratitude, selflessness, giving, and happiness.

Happy holidays!


-Kativa Nashay


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