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Keeping It Low-key (Why I live a private life)

We live in a time where everything Is being shared, displayed, and ultimately judged. We are definitely the generation of oversharing, simply because we have social media. We upload our meals, our relationships, feelings, wins and losses, we just share it all. What happened to the value of privacy, of mystery? I still believe that a private life, is a happy life. I believe that everything doesn't have to be shared. Just because you don't post it, doesn't mean it didn't happen right?

I like being low-key, let me tell you why....

Firstly, I owe no one insight on my life, what I go through, deal with, etc. Is MY business and if I need to be expressive or if I need to vent, It would be done with someone in my personal life, not friends on the internet (no offense internet friends). Granting insight on my life, opens the door for judgement, and I don't need that, only God can judge me not the insta-therapist, insta-judges, insta-police etc. lol.

Secondly, Mystery is flattering, having mystery is kinda like having power, power over your reputation, because you can't be defined, you control the narrative of your life. So If Im low-key enough, and keeping my business to myself, I have no stigma, or judgment placed upon me, because of something that I posted.

Lastly, What do I gain from oversharing? Absolutely NOTHING, sharing with you a pitty story about how heartbroken, lonely, hungry, angry I am, gets me nothing, but comments and likes, and what does that translate to in the real world? Absolutely NOTHING, I'm still gonna feel the same way.

I've learned that progressing in public vs. progressing in private results in the same thing, success or failure, one doesn't dictate the outcome. However one will decrease anxiety, and judgement, ( and all the negative things we don't want to deal with) which is privately being on a journey without outside influence/judgement. Without adding pressure upon ourselves, because of what we think others will think about our journeys.

It's possible to be authentic and personable, without oversharing every single detail in our lives, we just have to find a balance. Behind every picture, person, meal, or whatever, there is story, but do they all have to be shared, No. I have learned to have limits. There are certain things that I will not share, but that doesn't mean It didn't happen. It happened to me, for me. Not for the world, if that was the case, it would have happen directly in front of the world.

Being low-key, isn't being sneaky, It's being happy, its being private, because that blocks negative convictions, assumptions, feelings, etc. I like to keep that door closed, because everybody doesn't have to know everything about me.

I always get people telling me, how I'm so private, that it's hard to read me, and I always say, "If you knew everything that was gonna happen in a book, would you still sit there and read it?" Probably not.

Keeping it low-key decreases drama, it decreases anxiety, judgement, etc. I love being low-key and keeping people wondering.

Thank you for reading.

Love you guys!!!!!!!!

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