• Kativa Nashay

Minding You.. (5 Ways yo stop taking things personal)

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

We live in a world where people who don't even know us personally are able to make assumptions and have opinions on our lives, and at the end of the day, we all want to be loved and liked by others, but also at the end of the day we know that everyone isn't going to love or like us, and that's where we have to realize that, how people feel about us is none of our business. In reality it is a waste of time, taking things personally, that don't have any effect on your personal life. The only thing that matters is what and how you think of yourself.

Cause how they feel, I aint got Sh*t to do with that- J.Cole

When we take the thoughts and feelings towards us from others, especially those who don't know us personally, it causes issues within our lives, it interrupts our thinking processes, and our self-esteem. Here are 5 ways to stop taking things personally

1. Let Sh*t Go

Learning to let go of things is a big deal, because for some reason its human nature to cling on to what hurt us, and clinging on to these things opens the door for over-thinking ourselves into unnecessary or unrealistic situations, which makes the starting issue bigger than it had to be. There are so many other good things in life to focus on. LET IT GO!

2. Know your worth

If you know your worth, will you be able to feed into the negativity that someone who doesn't know your worth or even know you, try to bring into your life? When you know how smart, talented, gifted, beautiful,. etc you are, how could someone else tell you, what you are not.

3. Limit communication with negative people

We have to learn to cut off people, people who don't serve us well, whether that be family, friends, real life or on social media. Toxic people show up in many forms, but once they show up, you have to learn to shut them out. You have to protect your space, and limit communication when toxicity enters your space.

4. Mind your own business

Now what should be easy isn't always the easiest to do, I personally have a hard time minding my business. I'm always worried about something, and most of what I'm worried about has nothing to even do with me. We have to realize that the only thing that we can control is ourselves. Once we focus on minding our own business, we shouldn't have any time to mind someone else's business, or worry about how they feel about us, or what their assumptions of us are.

5. Beware of Projections

So many people are so caught up on their own issues, that they begin to project them onto others. Some people have a very guilty conscious, which causes them to point the finger somewhere else, to distract the fact, that they have the issues in reality. I remember getting assumptions poured onto me, that are no where near true, and actually trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, that's making it be perceived that way. In reality It wasn't even me, instead it was their very own issues being projected.

Final Thoughts

The more you learn about yourself, the less you will allow others opinions, thoughts, and feeling interrupts your life, happiness, and mood. We have to learn that their feelings towards us, are their energy, and we have every right to decline it, and mind ourselves.


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