• Kativa Nashay

Thankful for You?? (5 ways to practice self-gratitude

Self graditude is vital to our mental health and overall happiness, It's great to speak about the things and people around you that you are thankful for, However don't forget to show you some love. Self-gratitude falls under self-care, loving yourself, by being grateful for not only what this world, and life brings to you, but also what you bring to this world and life. You know you contribute to things in this world around you, so lets show some love and be thankful for ourselves sometimes.

Here are 5 ways to practice self-gratitude:

1. Self Gratitude Journal:

Keeping a self-gratitude journal allows you to increase positivity in your life, by focusing on the good things in life, about yourself, and other things that you are grateful for in your life. When doing this you are giving less power to negativity, thus boosting self-esteem, relieving stress, and ultimately allowing yourself to have a better outlook on yourself.

2.List your good qualities & always remind yourself of them:

A apart of your self-care should be reminding yourself of your worth, and contributions to the world, listing your qualities allows you to get in touch with yourself. No one knows YOU better than YOU, and no one can benefit from this as much as you can, to be reminded how great, strong, beautiful etc. you are. It'll make you feel good, and you will start to believe it deeper and deeper, thus living a happier life, because If no one else knows who you are, YOU DO! Knowing your worth is only when your blessings can truly be discovered.

Knowing your worth is only when your blessings can truly be discovered.

3.Accep compliments/stop criticizing yourself:

For some of us compliments are hard to receive (Me) believe it or not, Im that person that always has something to say before I say "Thank You" for an example:

Them: "Love the hat"

Me: "Aw it's so dirty, but thank you"

Then in the back of my mind, I'm like why couldn't I just say "Thanks" Accepting compliments is important because It helps with self confidence development, because to receive a compliment without self criticizing first takes confidence itself, It takes self-awareness, and once you learn to do that, you are developing confidence thus loving and excepting yourself more and fully.

4. Praise yourself:

If we waited on people to praise us for our accomplishments we might have to wait a long time, besides self validation is the most important. Its very important to affirm the qualities of you worth to yourself. Focusing on you being your number one fan, allows you to only seek approval from yourself, ultimately building your confidence.

5. Meditate & take care of your temple:

Being mindful and aware of yourself and abilities are made easy with meditating, taking the time, to be with yourself, allowing all of your thoughts conscious and subconscious to meet you in that moment, where you can be aware of who you are, your potential, where you wanna be in life, what you bring to this life, what you bring to and out of yourself, and the things about you that make you happy.

Self-gratification can help rewire and retrain your brain and the way you think about yourself within this world, and not just the things around you, It helps you lead a happier, healthy lifestyle. It opens up possibilities for a greater sense of self worth. We need to spend more time focusing on Us because remember, what you focus on, can only get bigger and better.

-Kativa Nashay

xoxo.. Thanks for reading


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