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We Live In A Generation Of........

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I think it was Drake that song the lyrics "We Live In A generation of.... not being in love or not being together, but we sure make it feel like we're together, because we're scared to see each other with somebody else." At first its like thats the most venomous Sh*t ever, but then again, wait........ that's SOME REAL sh*t too. We really do live in a generation of "No love" "Zero F**ks Given ``''Giving Up “Playing Games" etc, etc.

Although in this generation we have seen many great things, but would It be more likely that our generation Is remembered as the generation of no love? Hmm... Possible. There are so many reasons why this generation may seem to be lacking in love, however I've constructed a list of 10 reasons I feel we are in this predicament. Check em out......

1. We date just because:

Sometimes It seems that some people date just to have something to do, some people date to heal (Which doesn't work) they date to fill voids, to get feed, to get out the house, etc,. etc.. People are dating with no intentions on relationships, and definitely no intentions on love. It's almost as if we want the facade of a relationship, but not the actual thing.

2. Lack of Patience:

Within our generation we don't believe in wasting time, we are so quick to cut people off, (some cases are necessary) sometimes we don't give things a chance to grow, and flourish into the things we want them to become. We tend to have this sense of urgency, and we stop potential from being full blown greatness. Basically we can block our blessings sometimes.

3. Lack of communication:

Why isn't anyone talking nowadays? Nobody is expressing how

they feel, whether good or bad. We aren't being direct about what we want, or don't want. Without communication it's damn near impossible to get to a place of understanding, and of course if we don't understand one another, it's cut off time, and back to the drawing board.

4.No compromising:

Things can't always go your way, relationships are about meeting one another in the middle, and making decisions that serve the relationship best, NOT just one person. It's okay to comprise sometimes. No one is asking you to give up the things you love most, but comprising helps build a stronger relationship, letting your partner know you are important enough to have an impact on things. However we sometimes have these egocentric tendencies, and are so prideful that we can't compromise, so another one bites the dust.

5. Sex & Love aren't connected:

Its almost as if in this generation they don't believe that love and sex belong in the same bed, almost as if it's best to keep love out of the picture, no strings attached, hit and run, but ill be back. It used to seem as if sex was the gift of love, but now sex is just sex, and you don't need to be in love, barely in like to get it, or have it. So why be in a relationship when we can do "Relationship things' '??? Is it being sexually free or just too damn easy??

6. Technology:

As lucky as we are to have technology, it has crippled us for sure. We no longer have to actually meet people, we are falling in love through the internet, and getting catfished and everything in between. We are able to create these online personas some of which is not close to a reflection of our actual lives. Technology is what is standing in-between actually meeting people, and getting to know real people, in real life, and making decisions based off of the truth, instead of what things seem to be.

7. Cheating-Side chicks/side dude/H*es or whatever they call them:

This generation is the generator of cheaters! Technology has helped them cheat, and has also helped them get caught. Which I feel has caused a lot of us to just be JADED As F**K we are tired and skeptical of people. Nobody is trying to get played. So Nobody trusting, we are all insecure. People have no morals, that goes for the cheater and the side piece. This generation is making it seem as if cheating is okay. When in fact it's absolutely not. If everybody is cheating, who's really in REAL Relationships??

8. Validation of others:

Everybody cares about what somebody else thinks. People are dating people because they believe they should based off of the beliefs others have. "If your pretty you should date someone with money" "Youth is on your side, get you a man with money while you can'' these are actual things I've been told, and things that I actually used to believe.I used to think that society was to set my standards, instead of what I actually wanted. (I was Young-er) We have to do better at knowing ourselves and knowing what we want, because once we know what we want, and we get that, we don't have to worry about what others will think, IT WON'T MATTER!!!

9. Thriving for perfection:

Everybody is thriving for something that doesn't exist, we are comparing our relationships, and the journey that our relationships take us on, to others. That's a set up for failure, because nobody is the same, no relationship is the same either. With that being said we place these expectations on our relationships that aren't even obtainable sometimes, and because they aren't met, we feel like it's the other person's fault, and that's far from true. We can't blame people for not being something they never said they'd be. We build expectations and expect people to change and be this perfect person, when (whispers) no perfect person even exists.

10. Influences:

Believe it or not, we are influenced by a lot of things in this generation, whether it be family, TV, or music. We are very...... impressionable. Which sometimes is not a good thing, because let's be honest negative things tend to stick more than positive. We watch Tv and it's full of disloyalty, pain, fatal attraction etc, the music is just bluntly disrespectful and such.. and we cultivate those things into our reality. We end up taking on traits that aren't even ours, but instead the things we consume, and now its "F*ck hoes and get money" because such and such rapped it and made it sound so convincing (even though they are happily married with a family.)

Final Thoughts

Do We really know what love is? Or we assuming it's something that it isn't, and putting expectations on the word itself, and when It fails, we feel like we've failed. We just live in a generation of Independent people, who don't mind sitting at the table alone, because we bring the table ourselves, we don't believe in second chances, so when something hurts, we move on and let go. We don't want to be embarrassed, ashamed, or anything in between. I don't think we don't want love, however I do think we need to learn what love is, and what it isn't. Love isn't constant pain, it isn't perfection, arguing to get points across, cheating, manipulation etc. Instead Love is effortless, and just because we love someone, doesn't mean they love us back. We have to not misplace emotions, we got a lot to learn about love In this generation.


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