• Kativa Nashay

Who Are You Becoming? (4 Things to consider when choosing friends)

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

We have all heard the phrase "Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell me who you are" and for so long I never really thought it applied to my life. Until I noticed I had friends who were doing big things, and it made me feel the need to level up. Now for me, it happened to turn out on the better end of the spectrum, instead of the end, where you have sh**ty, lazy, stagnant friends. Who causes you to ride in that same boat. It is so important to recognize who you surround yourself with, because believe me, their energy, habits, etc. Will become yours.

I remember being a kid, and doing something I shouldn't have done, I would blame it on someone else, and my mom would respond with "And if they jumped off a cliff, would you do that too." At the time that seemed like a dumb question, because now why would I jump off of a cliff. However, today I realize it wasn't about the cliff, it wasn't about jumping it wasn't about any of that. It was about myself subconsciously taking on the bad habits of those I spent so much time with. I say that to say to say that we make friends subconsciously and share habits subconsciously and we have been doing that since before we can even remember.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when choosing friends.

1. Choose friends in your field of interest:

Choosing people to be your friend who is in a field of your interest, would be you choosing to grow, and gain. Weather the gain be knowledge, connections, etc. Some one who is in your field of knowledge would be a very benificial friendship, and makes thing more fun, and interesting.

2. Choose friends with common goals:

Choosing friends with common goals, is choosing a great support system, someone who can share the process, and knows what it takes. Friends with common goals, makes a more understanding friendship.

3. Chose friends who give you, what they want in return:

If you find friends that believe in the saying "You get what you give" you will also find a more fulfilling friendship. Everyone knows in order to have good friends, you have to be one. To have an understanding relationship, you have to be understanding and etc. Choosing friends who will give you what they want in return will be most rewarding as long as they want the right things.

4. Choose friends who motivates you:

Everybody needs friends that motivate them, friends that push them to be the best version of themselves, a friend that streches your mind, and capabilities. No one wants a negative friend, who looks for the worst outcome in situations.

The process of choosing a friend should be just as important as choosing a significant other. We want to take more notice to the people we share our time, energy, and attention with. So when you take a look of those that surround you, would you be okay with becoming like them? If the answer is no, then you've got some evaluating to do.


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