• Kativa Nashay

Zero F*#ks Given (Reasons to stop caring what others think of you)

We have all had that voice in the back of our minds saying “What will they think?“ or “How would they feel?“ “Will they like it or hate it?” etc. But it’s those who responds to that voice with “Who gives a F^*k what they think!!!!” That lives a happier more fulfilling life. I mean but does it really matter what they think or how they feel?? Or does it matter how you think and feel about yourself? I think we all know the answer! (I hope) However sometimes it’s still difficult to not worry about what our peers, family, and friends think about us, our choices, lifestyles etc.

Here are some reasons to stop caring what others think of you:

What they think has nothing to do with you.

How others feel about you is none of your business, that’s their energy. Peoples thoughts and feelings change so rapidly to worry about how they always feel will be like a whole job (that you don't even get paid for), you can’t keep up with that, because that would be overwhelming and UNNECESSARY!

You can’t please everyone

No matter what you do, how good you are, etc. There will always be someone who isn’t pleased, or who think you should have done it another way, or said something different, used a different color. It would be so tedious trying to please everyone, trying to correct yourself for everyone. You will never see the end of it. So focus on pleasing yourself.

It will stall/Stop you from achieving your goals

What’s worse than not having goals? Having some and never acting on them because you are afraid of what others will think of you. Standing in your own way because you aren’t sure how the outside world will embrace you. Don’t be that person!!!!!!

They don’t care as much as you think they do

People spend so much time creating scenarios in their head about how other ppl feel in which is more than likely not true. If you aren’t a mind reader than why are you trying to project negative feelings onto other ppl, about yourself! Sounds crazy Right? IT IS!

Life Is short

Life is short, we should spend our time experiencing each other, the world, and ourselves, expressing our talents, sharing our gifts, etc. life is not to be wasted worrying about someone who is probably not worried about you, and if they are thats their problem.

Final Thoughts

We have to learn to accept ourselves, and give ourselves the validation that we need, instead of seeking it from the outside, because that will never be enough. We have to not be controlled by the idealized thoughts and feelings of others. We can sometimes place burdens on ourselves by the things we decide to create in our minds, and the things we decide to worry about. Let’s focus on ourselves, and how we feel and think of ourselves. Let’s build our confidence, its the lack of confidence and awareness of ourselves that allows insecurities to seep in and make us not feel whole enough, therefore waiting on others to tell is what we are, and allowing that to define us. Let’s work on not giving a F*%k about what people think, because really though.... Do it really matter???


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